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Family Center

We are a small childcare center on campus with Highlands School; we serve families with young children ages 6 weeks-3 years. The Family Center was established to provide care for the faculty and staff here at the school. While we still give faculty/staff first priority, we also take children who have siblings enrolled in the school as well as families from the community.

Our Philosophy

Children should be encouraged to explore, discover and develop in all areas: cognitive, physical, self-help, emotional, and social.

By providing the opportunity for success, a child experiences a growing sense of self-worth and a personal joy in learning.

Our Curriculum

Our goal is to create an environment that consistently promotes learning and development.  Our teachers combine a curriculum written by early childhood professionals with their knowledge of the children in their class to design appropriate learning experiences that meet each child’s needs.

What can I expect?

The Family Center is unique in that our children are able to attend age appropriate school related activities such as plays, Community Meetings, and family events.  Just a few of the other features include:

  • Individual attention (we have excellent teacher/child ratios)
  • Lots of music and singing
  • Physical Education instruction
  • Weekly Library visits
  • Chinese instruction (2 and 1/2 to 4 year olds)
  • Daily outdoor play
  • Safety drills (such as fire and tornado)
  • Monthly Parent Newsletter
  • Morning and Afternoon snack
  • Hot lunch provided for children 18 months and up
  • Special story times
  • Year round care

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