Following the engagement of a new head of School in the summer of 2014, the Board of Trustees of Highlands School embarked on a strategic planning process to articulate a long term vision for the school and identify strategic priorities for achieving that vision. 
The purpose of this plan is to communicate high level goals and specific objectives that will guide the activities of the Board and administration for the next five years toward achieving its vision for Highlands. The plan also identifies strategies for achieving each goal. As the plan is implemented, Highlands will focus on the outlined strategies and maintain the flexibility needed to capitalize on new opportunities and manage unexpected challenges.
The strategic plan was crafted from the input of our school community. Over two-thirds of our families participated in an on line survey, and the great majority of the participants not only answered the questions but included comments to be considered. The planning process included community conversation sessions with the Parents Auxiliary and the faculty and staff, as well as a four hour visioning session with the Board of Trustees. The plan, as it is presented here, was approved by the Board of Trustees, and enthusiastically accepted by the faculty, staff and Grade Level Parent Representatives. 

Strategic Plan

Highlands School’s Mission is to provide an academically challenging program, to create a love of learning in every student, to instill the habits of success in every student, and to prepare the student to be a responsible and productive member of the community.

Highlands School, 4901 Old Leeds Road, Birmingham, AL 35213, (205) 956-9731
Highlands School's 'whole child' approach to education and commitment to academic excellence, creative expression, and leadership development prepare and motivate students in grades 4k through 8 to make a positive difference in an ever-changing world. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Highlands School holds dual accrediation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Southern Associations of Independent Schools (SAIS).

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