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With our mission foremost in mind, Highlands School works to develop an educational landscape that provides curricular challenge, meets students’ needs using developmentally appropriate methods, and guides students to think critically, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and advance their creativity. 

Highlands provides a seamless approach to learning that systematically builds on one success after another. As students move through early childhood to Middle School, they are joined on their journey by a partnership of teachers, parents, and administrators working to develop increasing degrees of initiative, integrity, and self-confidence.

Through quality time with teachers, open dialogue with each student’s parents, and a richness of learning opportunities spanning academics, arts appreciation, physical education, character development, and leadership development, each vital element of the Highlands program comes together to create a special learning environment at a most special time in a student’s life.

Family Center

The Family Center provides a unique, nurturing, and educational early childhood  experience.


Our Primary team works together to build a solid academic foundation while providing a nurturing learning environment. 



Our intermediate grade levels are marked by a time of transition as they prepare for the second half of their Highlands journey. 

Middle School

The Highlands Middle School experience focuses on leadershipdecision-making, and community-building


We deliver a curriculum from early childhood through the eighth grade which challenges every student to reach his or her potential and prepares them for lifelong success. Our culture emphasizes academic excellence in a supportive environment. To this end, we see the importance and value of embedding social-emotional learning throughout our school day. Research has been clear that academic learning is impacted by social and emotional competence. In being mindful of these priorities, our strategic roadmap includes the incorporation of best 21st century practices, the inclusion of differentiated learning strategies, appropriately and seamlessly integrated technology, and global educational experiences. 

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Dedicated to fostering a lifelong love of learning in a challenging and caring environment, Highlands School is distinguished by its successful formula for guiding students along the important journey from 4K through 8th grade – a formula which includes developmentally stimulating programs taught by dedicated teachers who are experts in the education of children.