Highlands School’s mission is to provide an academically challenging program, to create a love of learning in every student, to instill the habits of success in every student, and to prepare the student to be a responsible and productive member of the community. With this mission foremost in mind, Highlands School works to develop an educational landscape which provides curricular challenge, meets students’ needs using developmentally appropriate methods, and guides students to develop critical thinking, work collaboratively, communicate effectively, and advance in their creativity and innovation. 
We deliver a curriculum from early childhood through the eighth grade which challenges every student to reach his or her potential and prepares them for lifelong success. Our culture emphasizes academic excellence in a supportive environment. To this end, we see the importance and value of embedding social-emotional learning throughout our school day. Research has been clear that academic learning is impacted by social and emotional competence. In being mindful of these priorities, our strategic roadmap includes the incorporation of best 21st century practices, the inclusion of differentiated learning strategies, appropriately and seamlessly integrated technology, and global educational experiences. 
Throughout these endeavors, we believe that the most effective learning occurs when students are both focused and engaged in their work. Woven throughout our teaching and learning is a project-based learning approach – one in which students acquire deeper knowledge by actively exploring real-world problems and authentically engaging in content. As project work is cross-curricular, students learn to apply skills, knowledge, and strategies from varying content areas and curriculum standards are addressed all the while developing critical thinking, problem-solving ability, collaboration, communication, and creativity. 
Our dedicated teachers worked extensively during the 2015-2016 school year to re-write curriculum standards for all subjects in all grade levels. Each content area in this document includes a general overview, followed by a specific grade level summary, and then followed by content standards (academic goals).
  • Curriculum Snapshot
    A brief preview of what is happening at Highlands in each subject and grade level. 
Highlands School, 4901 Old Leeds Road, Birmingham, AL 35213, (205) 956-9731
Highlands School's 'whole child' approach to education and commitment to academic excellence, creative expression, and leadership development prepare and motivate students in grades 4k through 8 to make a positive difference in an ever-changing world. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Highlands School holds dual accrediation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Southern Associations of Independent Schools (SAIS).

For more information, visit www.highlandsschool.org.