Advisory is initiated with a parent/student/advisor conference in which goals and expectations for the year are set. Each advisory group includes students from all Middle School grades and meets three times per seven-day rotation. These three sessions each have a different theme and focus, adding meaningful variation to the program.

Advising Day
Advisory groups meet to discuss specific topics, from study skills to current events. Students can talk through challenges, ideas or observations with each other and with their advisor and receive positive coaching related the development of various skills.

Design Day
Students are exposed to a variety of challenges requiring design thinking and problem solving skills. Students work through the process of ideation, prototyping and revision, learning to empathize with end users to solve problems and generate ideas from specific feedback.

Game Day
Game days focus on collegial competition and team building. Highlands five advisory groups compete against one another in student/faculty designed obstacle courses and challenges, strengthening communication and collaboration in a high-energy, active environment. 

Highlands School's Middle School Advisory Mission Statement
Provide a safe, secure environment for students to develop socially and emotionally 
Create strong relationships among the student body and throughout the school community 
Instill advocacy for every student, cultivating a personal balance of academic and personal goals 
Prepare students to be leaders and active members of their community, fostering a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to serve others
Highlands School, 4901 Old Leeds Road, Birmingham, AL 35213, (205) 956-9731
Highlands School's 'whole child' approach to education and commitment to academic excellence, creative expression, and leadership development prepare and motivate students in grades 4k through 8 to make a positive difference in an ever-changing world. Located in Birmingham, Alabama, Highlands School holds dual accrediation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Southern Associations of Independent Schools (SAIS).

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