Beginning with the addition of 20 student MacBooks in 2007, Highlands has consistently grown its technology integration and has formally placed a focus each year on reviewing and updating the technological tools available to students and staff. It is our goal that advanced technology seamlessly supports 21st-century student learning in a way that reflects contemporary professional and social technological standards.
Google Chromebook Program
Since 2013, Highlands has implemented a 1:1 Student Laptop program for all Middle School students, beginning in 2016, we expanded the program to include 1:1 Google Chromebooks for 4th – 8th grade. We also have a 1:2 Chromebook program in effect for 2nd and 3rd grade.

The Google Chromebook program gives Highlands the ability to:
  • Scale access to the web with computers that are simple to use and easy to distribute
  • Share devices among students, with no manual set-up for different users
  • Enjoy constant connectivity through integrated Wi-Fi and optional 3G, for always-on access without relying on school networks
Administer machines throughout the school, no matter how many Chrome devices you have, or where they’re being used

Interactive Touchscreens
To support classroom group work and simultaneously harness access to the wealth of information online, Highlands has implemented mounted interactive digital touchscreens in Middle School, 4th grade and 5th grade classrooms. These screens allow teachers to expand group work beyond traditional exercise.
Creative Technology
At Highlands, it is also important that our technological tools support and expand our faculty and student creativity and collaboration. With Project Based Learning driving a great deal of our curriculum, it is essential that we provide tools to our community that provide opportunities to create, investigate, design and build. It is our goal that faculty and students are only limited by their own imaginations and have the appropriate resources to take their learning beyond evaluation and into creation. 
To support this ideal, we have instituted the following tools:

Our Middle School STEM lab houses the cloud-based NVPro from NVBOTS. The NVPro 3D plastics printer is Built to Share™. It offers the only automated part removal in the industry and is paired with NVCloud software that allows users to print parts anytime, from any cloud-connected device – while providing administrators with full control of print queues and workflows typical in a shared-use scenario. This combination of capabilities makes the NVPro uniquely suited for continuous 24-7 operation in multi-user environments.

Our students soon will have access to the Glowforge 3D Laser Cutter 

Students can create tangible reflections of current lessons from a wide variety of materials using the Silhouette Curio die cutting machine.
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