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The mission of the Highlands School library program is to create a love of learning in every student and prepare them to be responsible digital citizens who think critically and contribute respectfully to our global community. The Highlands School library program is committed to fostering a love of reading, and facilitating a student’s effective use of information and communications technology.

Our Collection

With 20,000 books in our infant to eighth grade library collection, Highlands students have access to one of the finest, up-to-date elementary school libraries in the region. The school library is a welcoming, comfortable place for classes with the librarian, project related research, and browsing for books to borrow. Our collection contains books covering a wide range of curriculum related topics and contains over 95% of the most influential children’s books published in the 20th century (as determined by the American Library Association). In addition to our school library collection, each classroom has a robust collection of age-appropriate and diverse reading material available for on and off campus reading. In our school and classroom library collections, we are committed to providing books that both offer a window and mirror for our student’s personal experience. Both our collection and our curriculum promote a sense of belonging, celebrate diversity, foster cultural awareness, and cultivate global citizenship.

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Classroom & Library Collaboration: Project Work

During each project’s Preliminary Planning Phase, the librarian works closely with classroom teachers to gather and curate age-appropriate print and electronic resources, reach out to and build relationships with potential guest experts, and find possible field work opportunities. This close collaboration continues throughout phase two of the project as students build their inquiry and research skills. Our librarian places a high priority on teaching students the skills to effectively sift and discern the credibility of sources and quality of information. Students develop the ability to select, vet, and synthesize information into a cohesive, useful, and shareable form. During the final phase of a project, the instructional team of teacher, librarian, and technology specialist, support a student's transition from consumer to producer of information. In addition to a traditional presentation, students might create a website, video, performance, or online exhibit to share their learning with an authentic audience. 

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Digital Life at Highlands

At Highlands, we provide our students the foundation they need to thrive and adapt in a technologically-driven society. Effective use of technology is essential for teaching and learning in a global, digital age. As digital skills and information literacy skills overlap, a librarian’s and technology specialist’s work blends. They become partners alongside our teaching faculty in guiding students’ learning.

  • Our 1st - 8th grade 1:1 Chromebook program ensures that each student has access to a dedicated digital device.

  • In addition to the Chromebook program, each classroom is equipped with an interactive touch screen to enable active group instruction that can harness the wealth of resources available online.

  • Teachers and students also have access to a variety of creative tools, such as a 3D printer, laser cutter, and die cut machine, to provide opportunities to create, investigate, design and build.

It is our goal that faculty and students are only limited by their own imaginations and have the appropriate resources to take their learning beyond evaluation and into creation.