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It is essential that all of our school processes, tools and institutions support an academically challenging environment and a deeply-rooted love of learning in our student body. We believe that every aspect of a student's day has an impact on their ability to actively engage, understand and retain information. Our goal is to constantly evaluate our academic support systems to ensure that they reflect student needs and contemporary education standards.

1:1 Device Program

Our 1:1 Google Chromebook program begins in 1st grade. Every 1st through 8th grade students has access to a dedicated digital device. 

Interactive Touchscreens

To support classroom group work and simultaneously harness access to the wealth of information online, Highlands has implemented mounted interactive digital touchscreens in all classrooms. These screens allow teachers to expand group work beyond traditional exercise.

Creative Technology

At Highlands, it is also important that our technological tools support and expand our faculty and student creativity and collaboration. With Project-Based Learning driving a great deal of our curriculum, it is essential that we provide tools to our community that provide opportunities to create, investigate, design and build. It is our goal that faculty and students are only limited by their own imaginations and have the appropriate resources to take their learning beyond evaluation and into creation. 

To support this ideal, we have instituted the following tools: 3D printers, Laser Cutting, and Die Cutting machines.