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Highlands Art Show

Celebrating Creativity

Welcome to the Highlands School Student Art Show, where imagination knows no bounds! Our talented students, from the Family Center through middle school, have poured their hearts and souls into creating captivating artworks that span a range of styles, techniques, and mediums.

A Diverse Showcase 
Our young artists created everything from vibrant paintings and pastels to enchanting clay mask sculptures. They’ve delved into the world of color, texture, and form, drawing inspiration from local Alabama artists and renowned creators across history and the globe. Whether it’s a whimsical watercolor or an intricate cut paper collage, each work reflects the passion and dedication of our students.

Lessons Beyond the Canvas 
But this art show isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s also a testament to the power of interdisciplinary learning. Our students blended their artistic endeavors with lessons from other subjects. In Middle School, World language classes studied art history and cultural motifs while collaborations between art and library classes have sparked creativity beyond the studio.

Join Us! 
Please enjoy a preview of the displays below and we invite you to explore this visual journey celebrating young minds and boundless creativity. Witness the magic firsthand, in person and through our online gallery. The Highlands School Art Show is more than an exhibition; it’s a testament to the possibilities when passion meets education.

The Highlands Art Show is on display now until May 17th. Please stop by to view it the next time you're on campus!

Highlands School

Art Displays by Grade Level

Highlands School

Art Displays by Location

The Spencer Center

  • 2nd Grade La Casa Azul
  • 6th Grade Spanish: Lourdes Villagómez Paintings
  • 8th Grade Spanish: Cubist Guitars

The Student Life Center

  • 3K and Family Center Artwork
  • 4K Mironies
  • 1st Grade Alabama Quilts
  • 3rd Grade Painting With Scissors
  • 4th Grade Text and Illustrations from My Heart Fills With Happiness
  • 5th Grade Clay and Cardboard Masks

The Learning Center Library

  • Kindergarten The Tree of Life
  • 6th Grade Chinese: Tang and Song Blue & White Pottery
  • 7th Grade Chinese: Traditional Chinese Landscapes
  • 7th Grade Spanish: Pablo Picasso Sculptures
  • 8th Grade Chinese: Modern Art
  • Middle School French: Artist-Inspired Artwork
  • Middle School Elective: Watercolor Paintings