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4th Grade Travels to Montgomery to Study Alabama Artifacts

4th Grade Travels to Montgomery to Study Alabama Artifacts
Christina Coffman

Yesterday the 4th grade class had the privilege of traveling to Montgomery for a day filled with adventure and learning. Upon arrival, we began our day at the Alabama Department of Archives and History Museum, where we learned all about the history of Alabama. Our tour guides walked us through the entire history of our state – from the first Native Americans on the land to the present day - with artifacts from each period. The students were able to see and touch pieces of history that they have learned about in their Social Studies class.

Then, we met with a real archaeologist. Ms. Winslett, 4th grade Social Studies teacher, explains why this was such an important discussion, "As students explore the importance of archaeology, we must look at the first people who inhabited what is now Alabama. They must understand how archaeologists are able to tell the story of prehistoric people without written records.” The students had the opportunity to hold some of these pre-historic artifacts and ask questions.

After a brief outdoor lunch break on the stairs of the museum, the group crossed the street to explore our State Capitol. Our tour guide there granted us a special behind-the-scenes visit, where we even met three government officials - Glenda Allred, Deputy State Treasurer; Hope Scarborough, Alabama Office of the State Auditor; and David Brewer, Deputy Secretary of State and Chief of Staff. The students learned about the different branches of our state government and got to ask the officials questions. We also got to peek behind the curtain of the old Senate chambers and took some pictures in the beautiful rotunda.

At the end of the day, a tired group of students and teachers boarded the bus back to Birmingham filled with many new experiences and memories. They will continue to discuss the artifacts they saw in class and have a better frame of reference when learning about the Alabama state government.

Click here to see pictures from the field trip