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5th Grade Weighs in on the Highlands Strategic Plan

5th Grade Weighs in on the Highlands Strategic Plan

Over the next few weeks, Ms. Vasil will be meeting with our older grade levels to get their input on one of our Strategic Plan pillars – student experience. This morning, she kicked off the process with 5th grade. After a breakfast of their choice (donuts, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and whipped cream), they took some time as individuals to reflect and write down things that they think Highlands should “start doing, continue doing, and stop doing”.

The next activity was collaborative. Together in groups of 3, the students brainstormed what they would like to see next year in Middle School. They were posed with the question – “What would enhance the middle school experience?” From accelerated courses to more Fizzy Fridays to creating a Science Council and Flag Football team, their ideas were varied and valid.

The leadership team will take all of these ideas into consideration and weigh each carefully. They will work together with our students over the next five years to see our Strategic Plan through – with the outcome of a more enhanced and engaging student experience for all.

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