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Highlands Means “Safety”

Highlands Means “Safety”
Christina Coffman
While the Budhwani twins, Brahma and Khidr, began their journey at Highlands in the 1st grade, it seems they were the puzzle pieces the Class of 2026 was missing all along. They, along with their parents, Drs. Henna and Karim, quickly became integral parts of the Highlands community, becoming involved in Cub Scouts, The Parents Auxiliary, sports, and the Board of Trustees.
We asked the Budhwani family to share what Highlands has meant to them. Keep reading to find out…  
We know you have a lot of options when it comes to education, why did you choose to send your 4th grader to Highlands?
Henna (H): Highlands' whole child approach, which emphasizes academics alongside critical thinking and social and emotional development, resonates with our family.
Why do you like being a student at Highlands?
Brahma (B): I like being a Highlands student because we get to do crazy experiments and because we get to participate in cool events like the kids' Mercedes marathon.
Khidr (K): I like to be at Highlands because of all the fun we get to have.
What has Highlands meant to your family?
H: Community, safety, age-appropriate exposures, secular education, and chances to grow and explore
What is your favorite Highlands memory?
B: I think my favorite Highlands memory is when we took the field trip to Indian Springs – click here to see a picture.
H: There are so many...
What are you most looking forward to in the final half of your Highlands journey?
B: I am most looking forward to the science experiments we will do in Mr. Kindervater's science classes.
K: I am looking forward to 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade because schoolwork and homework will get more and more difficult.
H: I would like them to find their place and their people; I would like them to have academic growth opportunities in math and science, while concurrently developing a love for literature. I want both boys to look upon their time at Highlands fondly feeling it was the best place for them to experience elementary and middle school.
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