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Highlands Means a “Warm Community”

Highlands Means a “Warm Community”
As we continue celebrating our 4th graders this week in our “Halfway to Highlands Graduates” series, we took the opportunity to connect with a dynamic mother-daughter duo. Maren is currently a 4th grader who began her Highlands journey in the Family Center. She has grown into an eloquent and charismatic student leader on the Highlands campus. Her mother, Dr. Lisa Graham, is an organizational psychologist and active member of the Birmingham community.
Keep reading to hear what Highlands means to their family.
We know you have a lot of options when it comes to education, why did you choose to send your 4th grader to Highlands?
Lisa (L): Highlands has been a great fit for Maren -- both academically and socially -- so we never even thought about leaving! Highlands' values regarding educating the whole child align with our own. We are happy to be at a school that provides cultural diversity.
Maren, why do you like being a student at Highlands?
Maren (M): I love the students, (my friends) and the teachers (THEY ARE THE BEST!). I also love how the activities are always fun and exciting. I love how everyone is nice and thoughtful to everyone. When we're having problems that we can't solve, the teachers always help us.
What has Highlands meant to your family?
L: A warm community of other parents who prioritize education, a strong academic and personal growth opportunity for our child, as well as access to excellent teachers who truly care about our child.
What is your favorite Highlands memory?
L: Community Meetings
M: I've been here since I was 2.5 years old, so I have a lot of memories of being at Highlands! But I'd go with Fall Festival before COVID-19. There would be a TON of fun rides, treats, and fun activities. I loved getting to show my friends my costume and be able to have fun with them.
What are you most looking forward to in the final half of your Highlands journey?
L: An increased emphasis on each child developing independence and a sense of pride in his/her unique abilities and interests. Also, SEL as a continued part of the curriculum.
M: I'm really looking forward to meeting the teachers and getting to know them. Also, getting to meet new students and befriending them.
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