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Helpful Hints for Getting Back into the School Routine

Christina Coffman

School Guidance Counselor Lindsey Scoggins shares a few helpful hints for getting your family back into the school routine. 

Whether your summer crawled by or flew by, the school year is upon us! I know most of us were feeling a different mix of emotions about coming back to school, but last week seemed to be mostly excitement and exhaustion! Getting back into the swing of things can be harder for some of us than others, and it doesn’t even start with a good breakfast - it starts the night before.

This year as some of you might know my curriculum is based around our Highlands Way values of, Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Collaboration, and Integrity. As I am introducing these values to the classes I am having the students reflect on how they might be able to demonstrate them from the minute they wake up to the minute they go to bed. For instance, you can show respect by having a positive attitude toward those around you when waking up, collaborating with family members to get out the door on time, and exhibiting responsibility for gathering your belongings the night before school. As we work together as a school to embody and teach these values, I hope it can be helpful for you to practice reflecting on them in your home as well.

Here at school, we are also practicing getting back into the swing of things. We do this by reviewing rules and practicing everyday tasks; this can include lining up, using glue, transitioning to classes, playing on outdoor equipment, and even walking with scissors.  While this is certainly not exciting, it does prove to be a good reminder of the expectations that we have here at school. Some helpful tools that we use here and that you can use at home might be a timer to stay on schedule, a checklist of items they are responsible for, a calendar or schedule to help them know what to expect and if you are like me - lots of sticky notes!

Good luck to everyone, and remember we are all in this together!


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