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Highlands “Embraces and Values” Students

Highlands “Embraces and Values” Students
Christina Coffman
As we celebrate our 4th grade students making it halfway through their Highlands journey, we wanted to take the opportunity to hear from our parents on what Highlands means to their family. Choosing where to send your student is a very emotional decision and one that happens every year. When parents choose to send their students to Highlands, their whole family becomes a part of the school’s community.
Ella, now a 4th grader, began in the Family Center six years ago. We asked the Harp family to share their Highlands journey. Read below to hear why Highlands has been such an integral part of their family.
We know you have a lot of options when it comes to education, why did you choose to send your 4th grader to Highlands?
Gregory (G): The sense of community and caring. Though at first, I was hesitant and skeptical of a "private" school, every negative stereotype I had has been shattered.
Narda (N): The emphasis on global learning, the embrace of diversity, the challenging curriculum, and the sense of community.
Ella, why do you like being a student at Highlands?
Ella (E): I like being a student at Highlands because of the fun learning activities.
What has Highlands meant to your family?
G: Ella is thriving at Highlands. She has been since the Family Center days. We have entrusted the most precious thing in our lives to Highlands, and Highlands has been the best steward for which we could ever ask. Because of Highlands, she and we have made friends and met wonderful people.
N: Knowing that our daughter is attending a school that embraces and values her is greatly appreciated and not taken lightly, particularly during this present time of social unrest and uncertainty.
What is your favorite Highlands memory?
G: Being a guest lecture to her class in Kindergarten.
N: The first Country of Study we attended as I watched Ella appreciate and embrace a culture that was totally new to her at that time.
E: My favorite Highlands memory was the kickball game and the BFG movie in 3rd grade.
What are you most looking forward to in the final half of your Highlands journey?
G: Ella's continued personal and educational growth as she prepares to go out into the World and not only survive but thrive.
N: I am looking forward to seeing Ella continue to develop a love for learning, enjoy the opportunities that come with being a “big kid” on campus, and continue to thrive.
E: I am looking forward to being the oldest elementary student in 5th grade, and Fizzy Friday in Middle School.
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