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Highlands School JUNA Teams Win Top Honors at State Assembly

Highlands School JUNA Teams Win Top Honors at State Assembly
Christina Coffman

Last week, 14 Highlands Middle School students traveled to Oxford, Alabama to participate in the state-wide Junior United Nations of Alabama Assembly (JUNA). JUNA is a student-run model of the United Nations Assembly for middle school students in Alabama. It raises awareness of worldwide issues, demonstrates how the United Nations works, and emphasizes the importance of problem-solving among nations, peoples, and cultures

We had two teams of students this year. One team chose to represent Bangladesh; the other team represented the Democratic Republic of Congo. Guided by their JUNA sponsors, Ms. Tynley Baker and Ms. Shara Kernan, they have prepared and researched for months ahead of the event. The students spent weeks researching the complex problems facing the people of each country before landing on focus for their resolution. The Democratic Republic of Congo chose to focus on ending child labor, while the Bangladesh team proposed to protect workers in the garment industry.

Over 300 middle school students from 22 different schools participated in this year’s Assembly. There were over 48 delegations (or countries) represented and they each put their public speaking skills to the test by presenting compelling arguments for why the JUNA Assembly should vote for their resolution. The Assembly passed both Highlands School teams’ resolutions in the General Assembly, and they each received awards for their impressive efforts.

Democratic Republic of Congo

  • "Outstanding Nation" Winner
  • "Outstanding Presentation" Honorable Mention
  • "Outstanding Resolution" Honorable Mention


  • "Outstanding Resolution" Winner
  • "Outstanding Native Dress" Honorable Mention

JUNA encapsulates what makes a Highlands student stand out from the pack – global awareness and appreciation, confident public speaking skills, and the courage to be a compassionate advocate for others. Congratulations to our JUNA teams!


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