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Highlands “Encourages Children to be Individuals”

Highlands “Encourages Children to be Individuals”
Christina Coffman
To round out our Halfway to Highlands Graduate series, we are hosting a Mother-Son Q&A session with Ashley and Parker Leavell. The Leavell family has long been a part of the Highlands community. They have two boys, Parker and Connor, who are proud Blue Devils, and Ashely is an active member of the Highlands Community, wearing many parent volunteer hats.  
We asked Ashley and Parker to share what Highlands means to them.
We know you have a lot of options when it comes to education, why did you choose to send your 4th grader to Highlands?
Ashley (A): The level of education, emphasis on a global perspective, and collaborative, project-based learning. Also, we love the diverse, accepting community that encourages children to be individuals rather than cookie cutters of each other.
Parker, why do you like being a student at Highlands?
Parker (P): I like being a student at Highlands because everybody is very kind, understanding, and welcoming.
What has Highlands meant to your family?
A: Highlands means safety, warmth, and caring. We feel secure that our children are being encouraged to grow, learn, and try their hardest with a safety net of caring teachers and administrators ready to help if they need it.
What is your favorite Highlands memory?
A: The Country of Study night my sons’ first year - The country was India and it was such an amazing cultural event and highlighted some of the reasons we chose the school in the first place. Also, we love the friendships made on the sidelines during soccer games!
P: My favorite memory was my first day at Highlands and also my first-ever Fall Festival.
What are you most looking forward to in the final half of your Highlands journey?
A: Just watching Parker continue to grow and challenge himself.
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