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New Highlands School Parent Perspective: Candies Jackson

New Highlands School Parent Perspective: Candies Jackson
Christina Coffman

This year we welcomed the Jackson family to the Highlands School Community. Candies has three children enrolled at Highlands – Peyton in 6th grade, Bailey in 3rd grade, and Blake in 1st grade. We asked Candies to share her family’s experience thus far and why she chose Highlands.  


We know you have a lot of options when it comes to education, why did you choose to send your child(ren) to Highlands?

When I began to inquire about a middle school program for my oldest child, I desired a school that would fit my child academically, emotionally, and socially. I remember hearing a former coworker speak highly of Highlands School years ago, so I began my research. As a former educator, I naturally desire the best educational instruction for my children. It didn’t take long to choose Highland School for all three of my children once I took a tour and met some amazing teachers. The challenging academics, disciplines, early leadership skills, and overall freedom to learn in a safe, inclusive, and fun environment were truly my heart’s desire. Highlands impressed me so I enrolled all three of my children. 


What has Highlands meant to your family?

Highlands hold a special place in the heart of our family. I’m so grateful that my children are getting the education and lifelong experiences that are offered at Highlands. Just to hear the conversations amongst my children daily about everything they are being taught is amazing. The excitement of the middle school trip to Washington D.C. inspired Payten so much. Seeing my children happy about learning and the many connections they make at school warms my heart. 


What has been your favorite Highlands moment thus far?

My favorite Highland moments thus far were seeing Bailey (3rd Grade) and Blake (1st Grade) perform on stage with absolutely no stage fright and beautiful props created by my oldest daughter Payten. It made me even more elated about them becoming amazing public speakers. 



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