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Rosa Schwebel, Class of 2021, Works to Designate Highlands as a Historical Site

Christina Coffman

Every year, each member of our eighth-grade class participates in a unique rite-of-passage and culmination of their Highlands journey—the Capstone project. Our Capstone program is a year-long, individual thesis project centered around a particular passion or curiosity of each 8th grade student. It is a culmination of all of the skills each student has developed in their tenure at Highlands, including public speaking, research, writing, creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Last year, Rosa Schwebel (Class of 2021) researched and endeavored to establish a historical marker on the Highlands campus in Mountain Brook. Last night we celebrated Highlands' rich history and Rosa’s efforts with the special designation from the Alabama Historical Association with the unveiling of the historical marker. Many members of the Class of 2021 returned to campus for the special evening.

You can learn more about her Capstone by clicking here.