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What is the Middle School Advisory Program?

What is the Middle School Advisory Program?
Christina Coffman

The Highlands School Advisory program is one of the hallmarks of our middle school experience. Here's why: 


What is the Middle School Advisory program?

Middle School students are assigned an advisory group for the entirety of their middle school years. An advisory group is a small peer community of students and a middle-school faculty advisor who provides academic and social-emotional support.

Is this different from their homeroom class?

Yes, it is. Advisory groups consist of students from various grades (6th - 8th), and oftentimes, a student's advisor may be different than their homeroom teacher. Advisory is a way to strengthen connectedness across grade levels.

Advisory groups meet daily at the end of the day and as part of the 7-day rotating schedule.

Why is Advisory important?

The Advisory program reinforces the theme of connections throughout Highlands while still encouraging our whole-child philosophy by building on individual strengths, increasing confidence, and risk-taking through numerous activities and challenges.

Another benefit of this program is that the advisory group and advisor are a con´╗┐stant throughout their middle school experience to provide consistency and build relationships within the groups.

We can't forget about the challenges. 

Arguably one of the students' favorite parts of Advisory? The Advisory Challenges - which consist of STEM challenges or just simply fun team-building activities.



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