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Why Boarding Schools Seek to Recruit Highlands Students

Why Boarding Schools Seek to Recruit Highlands Students
Christina Coffman


Over the past 8 years, 10% of our Highlands graduates have gone on to attend boarding schools across the country. On Tuesday, 21 boarding schools from 10 states were on campus to meet our Highlands students and families. We asked a few of the schools where Highlands alumni have attended for their feedback on why they hope to recruit Highlands students and how our alumni are doing at their respective schools. Here’s what they said: 


Chatham Hall | Chatham, VA

“Highlands alumnae make great Chatham Hall girls! Highlands prepares students for the independence and challenge they will experience in a boarding school community. Thanks to that nurturing, when they arrive at Chatham Hall, they are ready to step into their power and they are unstoppable.”

– Wynne Overton, Chief Enrollment Officer (Peyton A., Highlands Class of 2016 and Chatham Hall Class of 2020)


Baylor School | Chattanooga, TN

“Baylor loves recruiting at Highlands because your students are well prepared academically, and natural leaders. We trust that Highlands students and their families will be eager and enthusiastic to be involved with the school and the students will take advantage of the opportunities in front of them here. Katelyn E. (Highlands Class of 2020, pictured here) is one outstanding student that comes to mind. She is a leader on campus, engaged in her classes and well-liked here in our Baylor community!”

- Julia Steck, Boarding Admission Counselor


The Webb School | Bell Buckle, TN

“Henry A. (Highlands Class of 2020) is one of my advisees, and is a junior at Webb this year. He presented his Junior Project to the school community this week, and his mom came up for the event (pictured here). He was amazing, and Julia and I were talking about the fact that Henry is not only academically prepared at Webb coming from Highlands (he has all A's!) but he also has the "soft skills" like the poise needed for a public speaking performance.”

- Carrie Auwarter, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid


Our outplacement program is designed to help students find the right high school for them – whether it is a local school or a boarding school across the country. Our admissions team is dedicated to exposing our Highlands students to a wide variety of possibilities and coaching them (and their parents) through the application process.