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The Highlands community of parents is a diverse, engaged group and an integral part of the home-school partnership. Fostering and growing the relationship requires effective communication, parent-to-parent interaction, and volunteerism. We invite parents to be a part of their child's learning and the greater Highlands community with regular school events and volunteer opportunities.

Get Involved

We rely on our Highlands parents to support the school by volunteering their time and/or talents with our community. All parents are invited to:

  • Attend your student's Community Meetings, grade-level plays, project culminations, and much more 
  • Participate in the Parent Auxiliary
  • Attend the quarterly Parent Auxiliary meetings 
  • Serve as guest speaker or reader in the classroom 
  • Volunteer as a sports team coach (contact Kage Cavanah if interested) 
  • Welcome new families and participate in our Parent Engagement Committee 
  • Bring your family to our PA sponsored events, such as the Fall Festival and Spring Fling 
  • Serve as Grade Level Parent Representative or Room Parent 

Parent Auxiliary

The purpose of the Parent Auxiliary is to support the mission of Highlands School as determined by the Board, help the families at various grade levels to come to know each other and to join in effectively promoting the school causes, and support the school with its needs through fund drives and other projects. 

Click here to learn more about the PA

Parent University

Throughout the year, Highlands will host a series of speakers to present on various topics and issues our parents face inside and outside school. Usually held during the evening hours, recent topics have included:

  • Ages and Stages: What To Expect From Your 4th-8th Grader
  • Youth and Social Media: What Do We Do Now?
  • Exit Strategies: How to Start Now Protecting Our Children from the Dangers They Will Face as Teenagers

Information for these sessions can be found in our weekly Happenings email communication. 

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