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Prioritizing Students’ Social-Emotional Health

Highlands School
It is no secret that our current pandemic has taken a toll on students across the globe this year. Right here at Highlands, we see the effects as students work hard to stay socially distant, adhere to small cohorts, and manage virtual learning. As we look to the final months of school, we saw an opportunity to shed a light on the mental wellbeing of our students and share resources for helping them cope.
Last week, Dr. Maegan Renee, a licensed professional counselor and counselor educator, guided our 4th and 5th grade students in a virtual lesson on emotional wellness and managing stress. Together they discussed what stress feels like and identified different coping techniques the students can use to deal with their stress. She also reassured the students that they are not alone in these feelings and encouraged them to talk to others about it. As one student noted at the end of the meeting, “I learned that stress is common and I am not the only one who has it.”

Our middle school teachers are well versed in adolescent development and always checking the pulse of our students’ emotions. They know when it is time to put academics aside for a couple of hours and just have fun. This past Tuesday was one of those days. Our middle school teachers planned and hosted an impromptu “Homeroom Games”, which was a morning filled with games on the quad, snacks, and team building activities. Check out pictures here.

If you need help navigating this time or need ideas on how you can help your children cope with stress, we encourage you to check out our recent Parent University sessions. They can be found on the Parent Resource Board in PULSE.

Our promise to our community at the start of the school year remains the same – to keep everyone safe. This promise goes beyond temperature checks and face masks. We will continue to cultivate time and space for students and staff members to reflect, interact, and process their experiences throughout this journey.
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