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Next Year and Beyond Presentation

Kavita Vasil
The world today for our children has changed dramatically, and yet there still exist wide gaps between our 21st century world and the world inside many of our classrooms. 
*The work world is increasingly made up of diverse teams working together to solve problems and create something new.  Why do students mostly work alone and compete with others for approval?
*The world is full of compelling, real world challenges, problems, and questions.  Why spend so much time on disconnected questions at the end of a textbook chapter?
*Doing projects on something one cares about comes naturally to all learners.  Why are learning projects so scarce inside so many classrooms?
*Innovation and creativity are very important to the future success of our economy.  Why do schools spend so little time developing students’ creative skills?
There is a growing worldwide consensus as to what 21st century learners need for success.  21st century skills include: analytical and creative thinking and problem-solving; complex communication – oral & written; leadership & teamwork; digital and quantitative literacy; global perspective; adaptability, initiative & risk-taking; integrity & ethical decision-making.  21st century skills implementation requires the development of core academic subject knowledge and understanding among all students.  Those who can think critically and communicate effectively must build on a base of core academic subject knowledge.  Within the context of core knowledge instruction, students must also learn the essentials for success in today’s world, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration.  When a school builds on this foundation, students are more engaged in the learning process and graduate better prepared to thrive in today’s global economy.

Click here to download a PDF of her 21st Century Learning PowerPoint presentation.
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