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Jaislyn Bishop

Judy McDonald was able to catch up with her during STEM camp to ask her a few questions:
When did you move to Birmingham and where did you live before that time?
My family and I moved to Birmingham in June of 2014 from Scottsdale, Arizona.
What area of Birmingham did you move to and what school did you attend?
We live in Trussville, and I started 3rd grade at Greystone, and then went to Trussville.
How did you find the schools here in Birmingham?
They were different.  My school in Arizona was a charter school, and it seems very similar to Highlands.  In the Birmingham schools, there were a lot of students in my class and only one teacher, so we didn’t have a lot of time to spend with the teacher.  In 4th grade we were doing things that I did in 2nd and 3rd grade at my school in Arizona.  Also, the kids were not very friendly.  I did make one friend. 
Why do you think your parents made the decision to have you attend Highlands?
My parents were worried that I was not learning very much and that I needed a better education.  The first time we visited Highlands, I loved the campus, and the people.  Both the students and the teachers were nice and made me feel welcome.  I also noticed that the Highlands students were very respectful of their teachers and to each other.  Then, I learned more about the Character Counts Program at Highlands, and now I know why everyone is so nice here.  There was no Character Counts Program at my other schools.  Each teacher had expectations and rules, but they were all different from each other. 
What camps have you participated in at Highlands this summer?
I did Graphic Design and now STEM.  And, I love both!  And, I have met so many nice kids who will be with me in school this year.
What are you most looking forward to when school starts?
I can’t wait to start my STEM class, and I am very excited about starting French!  It was a tough decision, but I really wanted to try French.   I am happy to be starting school at Highlands—especially now that I have met so many other Highlands students and teachers!
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