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Mathematical Minds at Work

4K has been practicing measuring! The children have measured teddy bears, objects around the classroom, leaves and themselves. They have explored using various units of measurement such as funny feet, little teddy bears, gingerbread men and cubes.

First grade has been using ThinkDots. ThinkDots were implemented during a math lesson on number bonds. In different groups, students rolled a die and used a recording page to complete or create a corresponding number bond.

Third grade has been playing fun games to practice math facts. One of their favorite games is "Bump It.” Students pair up to see who can "bump" each other off the board and who can make a "king". Math games are a fun way for the students to become fast and fluent in addition and subtraction facts.

Forth graders worked on a pattern relationship activity to help develop algebraic thinking. Students viewed a pattern and discussed the relationship between the different stages. They worked on setting up a table to show the relationship between the stage number, what students saw in the stage, and the total number at the end. By looking at the relationships in the pattern and thinking about what the constant was versus what was changing, they created a rule to find the total number of blocks that could be applied to any number. We had an excellent discussion about the relationship between geometric patterns and equations.

Fifth graders had an opportunity to hear Chris and Suzette Doucet from Doucet Asset Management speak about the importance of money management. Students received helpful information about creating a budget and setting short term and long term financial goals. Students worked together to create a mock budget with a financial goal of purchasing a car at the age of sixteen.

Students in Principles of Algebra have been solving multi-step equations, and will be learning about inequalities in the upcoming weeks.

During a section on functions Pre-Algebra students graphed lines, found the slope of two points, and wrote equations of lines, students also compared functions based on rates of change and initial value.

During a section on functions Algebra 1 students graphed lines in slope-intercept, point-slope, and standard form after completing this section students understood the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines.

In Algebra 2 we have continued our look at quadratic equations. We did this through modeling, systems of equations, and graphing. We began our first look into the Complex Number System which we will use for modeling certain situations in physics and rocketry.

In Geometry we have finished up our first look at proving triangles are congruent through special congruency rules (Angle Side Angle, Side Angle Side, Side Side Side, Hypotenuse Leg, Angle Angle Side). We are now moving into relationships involving non-congruent triangles, as well as the relationships we can create between triangles and circles. We will also be looking into special pieces of triangles, including mid-segments and medians.
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