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Staying Focused: The Case for a K-8 School

High Academic Expectations
Studies show that test scores of students who enter stand-alone middle schools experience significant drops in math and English compared to those who remain in K-8 programs. K-8 offers strong curriculum continuity, providing a seamless approach to learning that helps students continuously strive toward the next level of success. As students take ownership of their education and seek out leadership opportunities, they maximize their learning potential. Rising to the challenge from an early age, students develop strong foundations in core academic disciplines.

Comfortable, Confident Students
K-8 schools offer smaller, tight-knit communities that feel more like home for young learners. Every student is known by name and develops meaningful relationships with their teachers and peers — even those in higher grade levels. This intimate learning environment builds confidence and allows students to have their goals and challenges addressed in an age-appropriate way.

Leadership Opportunities
When the middle school years are characterized by transition, students struggle to find their place. On the other hand, centering these years on leadership encourages growth, maturity, and strong character development. Staying with a school from pre-k or kindergarten through grade eight ensures students are never “caught between” elementary and high school. As they advance to higher grades, they are given meaningful leadership opportunities which develop the skills necessary for success in high school and college.

Future-Minded Families
High school is a critical time that sets a student’s future into motion. It is important to avoid making this decision prematurely. Seventh or eighth grade is the best time to choose the right high school environment for your student —  one that that addresses their strengths, weaknesses, and passions. Completing the K-8 experience gives you that opportunity. Together with your child, you can thoughtfully select the right high school, at the right time.

Exceptional Resources
The value of a sequential program that is designed with great intention and purpose cannot be understated. In K-8 schools, all attention and resources are channeled to the ever-critical elementary and middle school years. This often translates to a better learning environment. From passionate teachers to classroom technology, every resource at Highlands School is hand-picked to aid in the developmental success of our students.

Discover More About the Highlands Way
Highlands School is a K-8 school — intentionally. Are you interested in learning more about our unique learning environment? We would love to share more of the research-proven benefits of this model. Give us a call at (205) 956-9731 to schedule a tour.
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