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Discovering Their World Through Global Education

We are living in the age of connectivity. Never before has it been so vital for students to participate in a globally connected society. After all, that’s what education is all about — preparing students for the world. When young people are engaged with what is going on across the globe, they are enlightened and enabled to make a difference. They can appreciate diversity, understand cultural differences, and solve problems in collaboration with others. At Highlands School, we’re committed to providing a global education to every student. This extends beyond offering foreign language classes and cultural awareness projects to creating an environment where students develop the knowledge and skills for success in today’s world. Here is how we do it:

Diverse Classrooms
It is proven: diversity boosts both creativity and learning. Our school embraces many cultures and perspectives, broadening horizons for the entire student body. Teachers draw on students’ unique backgrounds and experiences to foster positive peer exchanges and highlight important values. As a result, outcomes are improved and students are better prepared as 21st century learners.  

Country of Study Program
Without cultured teachers, no student can truly receive a global education. Sending our faculty on annual study abroad trips is an important part of our initiative. Each summer, teachers experience a unique country, returning with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with students. The culture is woven into the curriculum and celebrated through exciting events. This year, our teachers are focusing on South Africa, and next year, Italy will be the country of study.

Junior United Nations Assembly
Eighth graders are encouraged to participate in Junior United Nations Assembly (JUNA) — a model UN that fosters problem solving. This program provides hands-on experience and fosters critical thinking and communication skills. Students represent a country, identify problems, and create solutions in collaboration with their peers. The JUNA leadership opportunity creates an awareness of global issues and inspires young people to get involved.

International Travel Opportunities
A lot can be learned in a classroom, but nothing quite compares to cultural immersion. We believe it is incredibly important for students to travel internationally, experiencing different cultures, practicing language skills, and developing a new appreciation for the global society. At the end of each year, we provide a trip opportunity for our middle school. Students have traveled to China, France, Costa Rica, and other exciting countries around the world.

Learn More About Global Education
Would you like to learn more about global education at Highlands School? We invite you to visit our campus and learn more about our unique initiatives that broaden every student’s horizons. Give us a call at (205) 956-9731, or contact us online to schedule your tour.
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