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Setting Goals for Your Child's Preschool Years

Goal setting is an important part of helping children reach their full potential. When we think of setting goals, we tend to think of older students who are planning for high school, college, and career opportunities. However, if students don’t learn the value of setting and achieving goals early on, they will not be prepared to work hard on personal resolutions in the years to come. Preschool is the prime time to establish a habit of age-appropriate goal setting. Creating both short- and long-term goals will help motivate your student through experiencing the rewards of commitment.

Consider these potential areas of goal setting for your preschooler:

Academic Growth
Preschool is a time of rapid brain development. Nothing is more important than laying strong academic foundations for the years to come. Your child’s goals could be as simple as completing a worksheet on numbers or letters, or as substantial as learning to read over the course of the school year.

Character Education
Developing strong character is an important part of education — both at home and at school. Create a list of character traits that are important to you and develop goals around them. Good ideas for preschoolers include honesty, positivity, and respect for others.

Social Skills
As students are introduced to formal education, they are involved in more social interactions than ever before. Interpersonal goals are important for fostering this socio-emotional growth. Encourage your student to help others, be a team player, and speak with kindness.

Creative Abilities
Preschool is the prime time for young learners to expand their imaginations and boost creative abilities. Introducing a variety of art and music activities helps foster this growth. Develop fun goals around creating original artwork, learning a new instrument, or memorizing song lyrics.

Healthy Living
Wellness habits stick when formed early and reinforced throughout the childhood years. Since healthy students learn best, these habits align closely with academic achievement. Set goals around bedtimes and wake-up times and introduce new, healthy snacks that are loaded with vitamins.

Helping Students Reach Their Goals
Are you looking for a goal-oriented preschool that helps students reach their full potential? Highlands School educates the whole child, building strong academic foundations and other accomplishments that lead to lifelong success. To learn more about our program or to schedule a tour, contact us today.
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