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Spring Cleaning: How Organization Impacts Student Success

Oops, I think I left my homework on the kitchen table.
Hang on, I know my iPad is in here somewhere!
Wait, that science project is due TOMORROW?

It’s easy to stay organized at the beginning of a school year. A fresh routine, new supplies, and the motivation to do well drives students to take ownership of their daily responsibilities. But as the year goes on, things sometimes get a bit out of order. Clutter finds its way into backpacks, lockers, and desks, and before long, students are struggling to stay on track. Since organization is tied directly to success, spring cleaning is a must. Consider these seven tips for helping your student finish the school year strong.

Reestablish Your Routine
With spring break in the rearview and summer just ahead, it’s natural for families to drift on their routines. Wake up calls get looser, bedtimes get later, and mornings can sometimes be a mess. Simply sticking to a routine can make a world of difference for a disorganized student.

Clear Out the Clutter
Students won’t always clean out a disheveled desk, backpack, or binder on their own. They may need an extra dose of encouragement to tidy up. Help your child throw out materials that are no longer needed, contain loose items such as pencils in a bag or box, and organize their workspaces.

Create a Roadmap to Summer
Carefree days and ice cream treats are right around the corner which can be distracting for students of all ages. Purchase a calendar and outline the milestones needed to get there. Highlight important projects, upcoming events, and final exams, reminding students to finish the course strong.

Communicate With Teachers
Teachers are one of your student’s greatest resources for staying (or getting back) on task. Chances are, they’re doing some spring cleaning of their own, making the classroom a place that motivates students through this season. Asking teachers to share their tips and tricks is sure to be valuable.

Minimize Distractions at Home
Does your student have a designated study space at home? If not, it’s never too late to create one. Find a quiet, well-lit area, free from television, games, and other distractions. Encourage the use of this space for homework, studying for tests, and even reading for pleasure.

Plan Tomorrow Today
Have your ducks in a row before going to bed each night. This is the best way to ensure smooth sailing throughout the week. Have homework, books, and materials needed the next day in backpacks, lunch boxes packed, and clothing laid out. If a busy day is coming up, create a to-do list to follow.

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