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A Look Back at 2015-16 Milestones

Fostering a Love for Learning
Last year one of our most memorable moments was the launch of our two new STEM labs! Both labs, one geared toward elementary and the other for middle school, gives students a facility where they can engage in team-based, hands-on learning opportunities in a small group environment, as well as a place to complete computer self-directed learning assignments.  Thus, fostering a love for learning in an environment that integrates today’s technology with educational discoveries.

Creating a Unique Educational Experience
When it comes to your child’s education, we believe your child’s learning opportunities don’t have to fit into any particular mold. Last year, we focused on broadening our students horizons through our second year of the Country of Study Program, a program which applies world cultures to our existing curriculum through project-based learning.

During the 2015-16 school year, we focused on the nation of South Africa, and it was the next best thing to studying abroad for our students and faculty! We’re excited to continue this tradition in the fall and study a new country.

Learning from Those Around Us
In an effort to constantly improve the experience our students and their families enjoy at Highlands School, our staff was able to participate in several networking opportunities with other top-performing independent schools.

This allowed a wonderful exchange of ideas and highlighted areas that are working great and maybe some that could use improvement looking ahead to the new school year. It was also a wonderful opportunity for our staff to share with other schools all that Highlands offers and how our students are contributing to the community around them as they prepare for bright futures.

Encouraging Parent Involvement
We were so excited to launch the pilot year of our new Highlands Parent University program. Parents were invited to attend a series of lectures from various psychologists who specialize in child development. Topics focused on addressing the social and emotional issues of the developmental stages in students from early childhood to adolescence.

Facilitating Field Trips
Our students were able to participate in project-based field trips which complimented their course studies. Each trip gave a specific direction and objective for students to work toward, in order for them to make the most out of the experience. These trips allowed our students to accomplish goals while having fun exploring their surroundings away from campus.

Sharing Wisdom
We’re proud when we see graduating middle schoolers reach out to students who will come after them. Peyton Allen, one of last year’s eighth grade students, had this to say to upcoming classes: “taking risks leads to great opportunities!”.

She noted one of her best experiences was completing her Capstone project in which she collected and distributed over 400 articles of winter clothing to residents of Alabama’s Black Belt.

Looking Ahead to the 2016-17 School Year
As we look ahead to the upcoming school year, we’re excited and hold great anticipation for all that our students will accomplish! Our Head of School, Kavita Vasil, wants to remind this year’s students that learning should be fun, and never be afraid to ask questions, take risks or even to fail.

It’s in environments like Highlands School that children receive the tools they need to succeed.

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