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Technology in the Classroom

From blackboards and chalk to laptops and touch screens, the way our students learn has come a long way.
At Highlands School, we integrate technology seamlessly in with our students’ studies. From an early age, they learn how to use the technology available to them in today’s world to create, discover, and enhance their education.

Google Chromebook Program
Starting in second grade, our students are introduced to Google Chromebooks. Our 1:1 (for grades 4-8 ) and 1:2 (for grades 2-3) Student Laptop program enables students to work on studies from their own technological devices.
This program allows students to:
  • Learn the fundamentals of operating a laptop while using the Web to do research.
  • Share information with one another to foster collaboration on team projects.
  • And more.
As we entrust these technological resources to our students, we also have systems in place to keep them safe and focused online. Through the Google Apps for Education program, we are able to monitor and protect students’ online activity in a way that limits risk without limiting discovery and research.
This program is just one example of how we strive to promote 21st century learning in a way that reflects contemporary, professional, and social technological standards.

Interactive Touch Screens
Interactive touch screens help transform our classrooms into an engaging, hands-on learning environment. Our mounted, digital touch screens not only enhance group work, but they also give students access to a wealth of information via their ability to access the internet — something the basic whiteboard can’t do.

These non-traditional boards are used in our fourth and fifth grade classrooms to provide students with an array of unique educational exercises.

3D Printers 
Through technology, students can embrace their creativity and build design thinking skills  in big ways. At Highlands, we are proud to offer the NVPro 3D plastics printer, which middle school students can use during STEM lab. Students can create works of art, conceptualize designs and develop the answers to practical problems, and then see their critical thinking and problem solving skills come to life in real-time through tangible, 3D printed prototypes. This printer is on the cutting-edge of technological advances and was added as a student resource in accordance with our dedication to continuous review and updating of the tools available to students and staff alike.
During the school day, students utilize certain apps, like WeatherBug by Earth Networks. WeatherBug is a groundbreaking tool in forecasting which delivers important weather information to individuals up to thirty minutes earlier than a news meteorologist might report it.
Students use the WeatherBug to learn about nature, weather-tracking, and to spark conversations about safety precautions should severe storms hit. It’s something our students look forward to using and is both educational and fun!
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