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Student Council Update

Joseph Katz and Andy Schwebel
A Student Council Update

This year’s Middle School Student Council has been off to a busy start.

At the start of this school year were a few intense elections to decide who would serve on student council. After a heated election, the middle school decided on the following group of students:
President-Andy Schwebel
Vice-President-Joseph Katz
Treasurer-Connor Doggrell
Secretary-Olivia Honeycutt
8th Grade Representatives-Bruce Lanier and Jackson Nabors
7th Grade Representatives-Adelia Crawford and Anne-Marshall Strang
6th Grade Representatives-William Horton and James Stephens

These students are very qualified and already working hard towards a fun year for all of middle-school.

So far this year, we have held two successful Fizzy Fridays, a Gym Night, and a Fall Dance.

The Fizzy Friday is a longstanding middle school tradition, where Student Council sells candy and soda. This year’s Fizzy Fridays have experienced a new twist with candies such as starburst and snickers. We sold about 140 sweets on the first Fizzy Friday and sold 150 sweets on the second Fizzy Friday, certainly enough to satiate the middles school’s ever-present desire for sugar.

On September 8, we held our first Gym Night of the year. Gym Nights are a favorite of Highlands Middle Schoolers, where the whole middle school plays a variety of gym games. A questionnaire was sent out to all middle school students to decide which games we would play. They decided that we would play Capture the Flag, Kingpin, and Kickball. The Gym Night was lots of fun for the students and the teachers, but everyone was very sweaty towards the end of the evening.

On October 27, we held a Fall Dance. Student Council traditionally holds 2-3 dances every year with one of them happening around Halloween. Even though this year's Student Council did not have many Halloween decorations, we improvised with decorations such as a ghost (a black table cloth and an inflatable palm tree) and a cowboy snake (not exactly sure what that thing was made out of). We served complementary Chick Fil A and some of the Fizzy Friday fare. The music was chosen by the students through an online survey with any explicit songs being taken out of the mix. All in all, the middle schoolers had lots of fun at their first dance of the year.

-Joseph Katz and Andy Schwebel
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