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TedEd Club at Highlands

Janey White
What is an idea worth spreading? This is the question that 7th and 8th grade students in Highlands’ TedEd club are trying to answer. TedEd club guides students through an exploration of their own interests, during which they learn how to share their ideas in an engaging and thoughtful way. All the while, TedEd club teaches students how to speak with authority on subjects of personal importance and give positive, productive and respectful feedback to their peers.

During the first sessions of the club, the goal was to establish the qualities of an “idea worth spreading”. Students led group discussions about the essence of a good idea and came up with what would be their rubric for articulating ideas of their own.
A good idea must be:
  • Interesting or exciting
  • Innovative
  • Memorable
  • Relatable
  • Helpful
  • Empowering
  • New
As students develop Ted style talks around their own ideas, they are encouraged to return to these characteristics and agree that their idea encompasses each of the criterion. What has resulted from this process are some truly mesmerizing talks. Students are confronting environmental and social issues, exploring sociological norms of their peer group, advocating for broader social awareness and illuminating the complexities of our technological landscape. They are doing all of this with a sense of personal responsibility to not only entertain an audience but to make them care about an idea and want to find out more, to do more, to spread the idea.
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