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4th Grade Play - "The Drum"

Olivia Honeycutt
On Thursday, January 25, 2018, the fourth grade performed a number of plays for the parents on Thursday and the next morning they performed for the rest of the school. The Drum, the main play of the event, especially touched the eighth graders for they had acted out this play during their fourth grade as well. The Drum is a classic play displaying the importance of generosity through the young character, Jordan. In the play, all Nandini Gutti, who did a wonderful job of portraying Jordan, wanted was a drum, but his family was too poor. At the beginning of this journey, an old man gave Jordan a stick, which she gave to a cook to start a fire, and the cook gave him bread. Then, she gave the bread to starving family who, in turn, gave her a pot which she gave to a couple with a broken washing pot who gave her a coat. She gave the coat to a girl who had fallen in a river, the girl gave Jordan a mare. The mare was given to a couple who were trying to be married but needed a mare to complete the procession, and finally, the family of musicians gave Jordan the drum she always wanted. This play featured classic songs that rung in the heads of the audience hours after the performance such as Maybe Someday, Share What You Can, and Happy Day. However, because there are so many students in the fourth grade this year (near fifty), it was decided that The Drum would not be the only play out on stage this year. Mrs. Leffel had the idea of showing traditional skits that correlate with the school’s country of study for this year- India. Each of the five stories had a moral to it, they are as follows: never find the fault in others (peacock and bird); fighting and quarreling is destructive solve problems in a peaceful way (monkey and cats); best to choose common sense above intellect (three wise men, sensical man, and lion); kindness is never wasted (lion and mouse); and finally wealth is worth no more than how we make use of it (mizer and thief). Humorous commentary from Ty Maddux helped the plays transition from one to the other. Over all, I think Mrs. Leffel did a wonderful job ensuring that each student had a role to play, and I think I speak for the majority by congratulating the fourth grade on their huge success. Bravo!
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