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French Bake Sale

Olivia Honeycutt
At the beginning of this semester, the French Club officers alternated the shifts on three weekends in January staying in the Highlands Gym to man the Concession Stand from as long as 8:00 am - 1:00 pm. This year, the French Club decided it would use its money, time, and other resources for a better cause. So for three weekends, vice president and president duo, Nora Barton and Olivia Honeycutt woke up early on their Saturday mornings to raise funds for charity by selling snacks and drinks at basketball games. Not to mention, two of the three days during the final week of basketball playoffs. After consulting the rest of the French Club officers, they decided that Doctors Without Borders would be their charity. Médicin Sans Frontièrs, or Doctors Without Borders, was founded nearly fifty years ago in Paris, France, and is an international non-governmental humanitarian organization best known for its projects in war-affected areas and developing countries by putting an end to endemic diseases. These miraculous middle schoolers were not only able to pay back all of the money they spent on the supplies but were able to make a decent amount of profit. Making approximately $300 during their service time (three Saturdays, a Monday night, and a Thursday night), and adding their own funds into the mix from money they had raised last semester from their French Bake Sale, where they sold an assortment of French foods for a bargain price, they brought the money to a staggering $400, all of which they will donate to Doctors Without Borders. The French Club set their mind to supporting a good cause, and their efforts were met with success!
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