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Everyday Math! Finding math practice for early learners in everyday play

Whitney Davis
There are so many fun ways to incorporate math into your daily routine. Math can be found at home, in the car, and just about anywhere you go. Gone are the days where math feels regimented and intimidating. Developing math skills doesn’t have to feel like work or have a designated time of day. Here are some simple activities to try with your preschool learner.

Counting Practice
Counting steps as you go up and down.
How many windows or doors are in your house?
Setting the table each night by counting out the correct number of plates, forks, napkins. etc.

Making patterns
While playing with your child you can use blocks, stuffed animals or toys to create a pattern. You can also make patterns while eating dinner! While your child is eating they can go around their plate and make a pattern “chicken, potatoes, green beans, chicken, potatoes, green beans…”

Ordering objects by size
When you are doing laundry have your child look at various family members socks and put them in size order. In the kitchen they can use pots or pans and put them in order from smallest to largest. Similar activities could even be done with toys like cars, trucks, or baby dolls.

Simple equations
As child grows and can think of numbers in more complex ways you can incorporate equations:
“We have 4 people in our family, but tonight Grandma and Grandpa are having dinner with us – how many plates to do we need tonight?”
You will be amazed at how adding these simple activities to your daily routine will increase your child’s math skills and develop a love of numbers.  Just remember to be creative and have fun!
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